Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fear: Unknown Region!

What people do not understand, they start to fear of it.

Just think of one example from your experience:
"Human do not know about space long time ago yet they face their fear and now we are able to study the solar system and so on."

To overcome your fear,
Face it slowly,
Step by step try to understand your fear,
Study the nature of your fear,
Understand your fear,
Face it slowly,
Convince yourself by doing a little effort to your fear,
Accumulate the confidence against your fear,
Face it slowly,
Don't avoid your fear,
As you do so,
You will NEVER overcome your fear.
Face it, Understand it, Do it!
You will realize your fear today might not be that scary tomorrow after all.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


There are many times people are lacking of self understanding and mutual understanding. That is the main problem of this world, everything begin with selfishness and ego. The darker side of every man consumes themselves and leads to destructive decision that will greatly affect the harmony and peace of every individual life. Unpleasant situation will only be worsening if there are not any efforts or sacrifices are being made. The prices to fix the condition of our life often bring tremendous confusion and fear therefore people are not willing to step out from their comfort zone. Sometimes people do take the call to make a different but they are not determined. People who took the call and carry themselves moving forward required courage and wisdom at all time. The path will be harsh and things will be ugly but no matter what happened the most important issue is how we value the situation. You can give a smile when someone bangs your car but can you really do it? In life there are always a price to pay in order to get something else, equivalent values of life. Everything can be explained by this concept. You want the apple? You make the effort. Everyone wish people to respect and understand them, to recognize their achievement, to praise for whatever they had done well in life. The question is whoever seeking these excitements, do they do the same to other people? Conclusion is, our life belongs to us, and we have the will power to control it. What makes human so special compare to animals is because we have the ability to choose and decide. So what call do you make? You can choose to live in despair or be brave to step out the comfort zone and go on an adventure life! Woohoo, you might not know what’s coming but you can sure that you are doing yourself a big favor to yourself. You are enjoying your own life, a life that never going to restart again.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is this New? Fresh? Familiar?

You will never know what kind of knowledge is useful to you,
but that's not the excuse for not learning new things.

I wonder if everyone in this world can always have the thought of:
"Wow, this is new and interesting" in everything they come in contact.

We actually can make many wonder with the things we are having now.
All we need is just being enthusiastic to learn n apply what we have learn.

Keeping a curiosity heart but rational always is the tool to embark in new journey.
I guess~

Sunday, April 17, 2011




Saturday, April 9, 2011

The morning night.

I wonders where there are people spend their nights to do their morning routine?

Do you guys know that it is hurting your body system?

Hmm.. I guess everyone knew that.

How come this is phenomenon is so special?

LOL~ Ok. Time to reschedule! =P

Don't Ask For Permission , Just Ask For Forgiveness, Drake-The Calm.

Friday, March 25, 2011


There are a lot of wise people out there,
sometimes these wise people aren't getting what they desire.

This is not because they are not wise enough nor they are in bad luck.

The main reason is they do not understand the art of choosing.

When you are on the position to make your decision,
everything is base on your taste and your courage.

One simple choice can lead to unpredictable of life.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Career Career or Career!

Recently, I been to few career fairs and found out that i am not interested in any job offered there.
(actually that's not much choices) =.= Banking, Finance, Investment! All are about $$$$$$$, a friend told me that $$$$ come from technology innovation. I totally agree with him!!

But, now more and more people are going involve themselves in $$$ fields. Come on world, without science and technology there won't be any money flowing around the world. Seriously i am struggling between $$ and my own dream. ARRRR!

Today i met a guy who i believe is a financial planner. He first asked me:" you wan to earn 40k per month?" I was like err, depends on what kind of job is that. Then he reviewed that he was a engineering student himself but now he's a some sort of finance player.

Is it Worth? Become $$ slave and not doing things you love?? (I might anger a lot of people but please do understand everyone live on their own principle and this is mine. Lol.)

My ultimate goal in life is to help people and make this world a better place. (If you need my help please come to me, i won't go offering sweets to everyone. hehe..) I am willing to work for my favor job with low pay! I am willing to involve myself in science and technology research!

I am waiting for my boss! someone who can appreciate my talents!
I have faith i can find my dream career. 伯乐伯乐 where are u??